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University of Western Ontario
Scholarship Recipients

Dear Company Member,

I am pleased to write that our charitable scholarship association with Western University in London Ontario continues to be the focal point of our charitable giving activities. We have recently renewed our commitment with them and we are financially secure in doing so for the next 5 years. Western University is equally pleased with our efforts and is committed to working with the Honourable Company to ensure its continuing success.

To review, the Honourable Company of Freemen Scholarship in conjunction with Western University provides financial assistance to a student to pursue his or her chosen field of study for an academic term at a Western University affiliated university located in the City of London UK. Interested students make an application for the scholarship and the selection process is administered by Western University. Upon completion of the term of study, the scholar submits a written summary of their experiences to the Honourable Company. In the past, the submission has been included in the Master's Annual report.

In order to better inform you about the Company scholarship, and the participating scholars, we have created this dedicated page on the Company's web site. Here you can find the submissions of past recipients. Future submissions will be included as the scholars complete their term of study. It is our hope that you will find these submissions of interest and in a small way connect you with the scholars, their academic pursuits, and our activities as a charity.

PM John Welch
Worshipful Company of Pattenmakers

Chair, The Charitable Trust

Stewardship Report - M. Ren 2018

Stewardship Report - M. Ren 2017

Stewardship Report - E. Bluemke 2017

Stewardship Report - J. Coulthard 2016

Stewardship Report Kevin Lam 2013

Report of Meeting with Western University

Stewardship Report Olivia Baker 2011

Stewardship Report Peter de Vooght 2010

Stewardship Report David Cook 2009


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